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Jon James

Now Available!

The wait is finally over with the release of Jon James first solo album "Perseverance". The album is now available on all online stores.

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Perseverance Album Cover.jpg

What’s New?

September 03, 2018

Such a Powerful Message In Jon James Latest Music Video

Jon James - I Need Ya Now [Official Music Video]​

Life can hit you with so many different challenges all through your life. It doesn't matter if your the most loving, caring innocent person on the planet you will be tested. Now through those challenging times how will it affect you is the question. It could build you up to be stronger or it could break you and this is happening to people all around the world daily. Jon James understands this but he decides to preserver through it all and he's only able to do so by always keeping God in the mix. He cries out to God in this song letting him know all he needs is him and only him. Then gives thanks because he knows he wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for God's grace.

June 13, 2018

Jon James Expresses Himself By Freeing His Mind​

Jon James - Free My Mind [Official Music Video]

Let's be honest we all have thoughts and opinions that goes through our minds daily. In this song whatever Jon James had on his mind he expressed it over a smooth jazzy beat. With so much going on in this complicated world that we live in being able to express how you feel is needed at times. So he felt that it was only right to name this song "Free My Mind".

February 27, 2018

Second Time Around Jon James Motivates Us All

Jon James - 1st Things 1st [Official Music Video]

You can pray and ask God repeatedly for help with whatever it maybe your asking for. Just keep in mind that you must do your part also. This creative music video shows how much hard work goes into achieving whatever goal you may have set for yourself in life. In most cases goals aren't accomplished overnight. You need to get up and work hard for it because faith without works is dead.

October 19, 2017

First Music Video Jon James Had To SHOW 'EM!

Jon James - Show 'Em [Official Music Video]

Showing the world through his music video how he continues to walk his Christian walk with an everyday struggle with the FLESH and SPIRIT. Theres no one on this planet that is completely delivered from there flesh it's an everyday battle that we all go through. Choosing the right decision over the wrong decision can be difficult for most of us but it can be done with the help of God. The music video for "SHOW 'EM" gives a few examples of choosing the right decision (The Spirit) over making the wrong decision (The Flesh) this is a video everyone can relate to because its something we all do and that's making choices in life the benefits the flash but not the spirit.

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Being an independent artist is a challenge when you also work a full time job, your a husband, a father, and you magage yourself as an artist. Music is a strong passion that God has truly planted in my heart and that's the reason I keep pushing foward. Even when the money gets low. I've been making music since I was sixteen years old but now I'm ready to spread my music as far as possible becuase I've seen first hand how powerful and encouraging my music can be to not just believers but also to none believers. I'm a Christian so I make sure my music is always positive, ecouraging and uplifting. Music videos are perfect when it comes to catching the peoples eye.  This is my main reason for starting up a go fund me account. I would love to make more music videos to the music I've created to bring my music to life and inspire even more people. If you're able to donate to make this possible it will be greatly appreciated. We have enough negative influences in this world so help me make a difference with pouring positive and uplifting messages into people lives.

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Jon James

Rap artist from West Palm Beach FL. Known to deliver positive messages in every song he creates. Also known for his strong beliefs of being a Christian.

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First Single From Jon James!


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